New diet New me? 2021

 Okay so Iv been going on and buying loads of different items like Fake tan and hoodies with ears to keep me nice and cosy threw out the pandemic.Im currently on a diet.. I might do the Ana Boot Camp diet  to get me started on the 2468 diet  then I might get use to loosing weight and see if I can get lower then 500calories a day. Im drinking alot of DIet Coke to help stop me from binge eating + Purging. CALorie King(thats really accurate) 

ENjoy It

     Okay So Staff go to the shop for me at the moment.I just did some shopping online for a mouse for my laptop coz I dropped  my pink mouse.Helena said I have to make up a 3 day diet (I get to pick what food to have for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks for 3 days) Looking forward to my SPA Breakaway soon. Going to get my injection tomorrow(Tuesday) and getting a yummy mcdonals afterwards. 29/1/2021 Just had some Rice/Egg.peas with gralic bread for dinner it was amazing.need to read more often  

about meee

 Soo Welcome to My Official Blogger Page,Here I'll post things I like doing and you can read all about me ,its being updated every month so "follow me"       g  ANyways I'm going to see the nurse next week to get my injection She was talking to me the other day and wants to higher up the dosage and get it done every 3Weeks instead of every month. The staff told me theres a Covid-19 Jab that I have to sign up for   I'm so happy what I got off Santa clause and Hopefully in the next month or two the Covid-19 will let us go out and do things Im actually waiting to go for a hotel Spa break in Kinard    with my Key worker Honour. Feeling tired these days so I must get enough sleep tonight and hopefully Ill be back to normal and wont need the radio @ night time. Im 29Years old and I love working with horses and love getting my Nails done.Its called "nail art" and Looks amazing when I get it done. I was watching The 40yr virgin when one of the cheerleaders turn